In the summer of 2017 I directed and edited Porn4PrEP – The Movie

Porn4PrEP is a non-profit campaign set up by porn actor Jason Domino, using porn actors discussing sex, HIV and PrEP to help spread awareness of PrEP as a prevention tool to the gay community through their unique position as sex ‘role models’.

The vision for the project was to make a film with a narrative structure based around interviews with porn actors, HIV campaigners and medical professionals and incorporate a porn scene ‘example’ of PrEP’s effectiveness.

I’m very proud to be the film’s director and editor – a project that encompassed April to September and many hours working with some very talented and generous people to make an engaging, informative and truthful message that can help people make informed choices when it comes to their sexual health.

Read more about my experiences making this film by clicking this image…
To see the full XXX rated uncut version of the film via Pornhub click this image…
To see the PG-friendly edited version which removes the sexual content for Youtube click this image…

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