Dex Gets Winched

Watch the full scene here on Raw and Rough! Whilst my first full film release (Sleazy Pig Lads) continues to do well – now available to download from Dick Wadd and other sites like AEBN and also now as a physical DVD from the Dick Wadd site – attention turns to the next scenes I’m producing for Raw and … More Dex Gets Winched


It’s over a year since my epic five week voyage to the States and Europe and it’s been a hard-working 2016 so later this week I’ve got a nice three week break in America! Last year I was only able to spend three days in San Francisco and two days in Los Angeles so I’m going back … More Holidays!

Sleazy Pig Lads

Download or stream Sleazy Pig Lads here on Dick Wadd VOD! Buy Sleazy Pig Lads on DVD from the Dick Wadd site Just over a year ago I was eagerly thinking about my first porn shoot as a director, doing what most of us have done at one time or another and coming up with … More Sleazy Pig Lads

Rubber Fuck Lads

The latest scene brought to you on Raw and Rough from the desk of yours truly is Rubber Fuck Lads with AJ Alexander and Gaston Croupier. I’d gone to check out The Bunker in London – it’s this amazing dungeon play space available for private hire – check out their website for more pictures and their … More Rubber Fuck Lads


It’s impossible to write this post in any way that does justice to the sad events I’m writing about. I don’t normally talk about religion, politics, current events or personal moments here but today I am. I didn’t want to write about the events in Orlando in the immediate aftermath because I wanted to write … More Grieving