How I Got In To Porn

The quick headline: I’m a guy who lives in London, in my early thirties, who does a bit of porn here and there.

You want some more? Ok 🙂

I grew up on a farm in the English countryside, went to university at 18 as far away from home as I could get, then ten years ago in 2005 I moved to London. I kind of fell in to porn by chance – I hadn’t gone out of my way looking to get in to the industry. But I was talking to a friend of mine back in 2007 who was starting out in the business who told me that Treasure Island Media were coming to London from the States to shoot a film with Dawson and Brad McGuire and that they were looking for people.

I contacted them and everything was set for a shoot at The Hoist (a leather bar in Vauxhall) but a few days before the shoot I was really sick and couldn’t do it. I contacted the director to apologise and he told me that Treasure Island were about to start production in the UK. A couple of weeks later and completely by coincidence, I got a message online from Liam Cole (the new UK director) asking if I would be interested in shooting with them.

I did my first porn shoot with Treasure Island in March 2008 for Bad Influence. After that I did another three films with Liam/Treasure Island. In October 2010 I flew to Cologne in Germany to shoot a couple of scenes with WAN Film (now releasing as All Real Bareback). Not long after that I met a guy and fell in love, got engaged, and took a step back from porn until November 2012 when we both shot a couple of films for Pig Prod based in Paris. In 2014 I became single again but it wasn’t until January 2015 that I really returned to porn. I shot three scenes for All Real Bareback in Cologne on a gorgeous snowy weekend.

In June 2015 whilst visiting the States I shot a couple of scenes – one in San Diego for Raw and Rough, the other in New York for Treasure Island Media. And in July 2015 I became the UK & Europe producer and director for Raw and Rough, the video-on-demand streaming site from Dick Wadd Media.

Having been a long time fan of Dick Wadd films, it is a huge privilege to be given the opportunity to produce and direct content for their site, which I’m really excited about. For several years I’ve wanted to make porn from the other side of the camera… I studied film and documentary production at university so I have all the technical skills and knowledge – and I know what I like and don’t like when I watch porn at home… My aim is to make the porn that just goes that little bit further in satisfying what guys are looking for…

For example – I see a lot of ‘leather’ porn where the guys start the scene in leather chaps, waistcoats or harnesses etc… and then three minutes in they take it all off except for boots and a jock and fuck the rest of the scene practically naked. Now – that’s not leather porn (to my mind). Dick Wadd is one of the few studios who really love that kind of stuff so we’re a perfect match for each other.

I’ll still be appearing in scenes as well – but now you get to enjoy me from both sides of the camera 😉


6 thoughts on “How I Got In To Porn

  1. Very interesting story Jason!
    I am curious and like to be filmed while having sex!
    Would love to do some scenes as a mature pig bottom myself!


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