Double Decker Sling Fuck

You can watch Double Decker Sling Fuck at the link here.

If you’re familiar with my porn work as a director, by now you might have worked out a couple of things: I like my porn to be in fetish gear, and I like a hook, angle or gimmick that makes my scenes stand out.

And so I present to you one of the ultimate ‘high-concept’ porn scenes: Double Decker Sling Fuck. In regular film making a high concept film is something that can be condensed in to one sentence to ‘sell’ or pitch the film – e.g. Jaws ‘a giant killer shark terrorises a seaside community’. Or Terminator ‘a man travels back in time to prevent cyborgs from the future killing his mother before he’s born’.

About two and a half years ago I was playing with a very creative fuckbuddy and friend of mine along with a couple of other guys and my friend improvised the double decker sling. Essentially one sling underneath the other fixed slightly more forwards – so that the bottom (passive) guy is on the top sling, with one top (active) guy on the sling underneath him fucking him. This also lends itself very nicely to a third active guy standing in the regular position and both tops double-fucking the bottom guy – no one is contorted in to an odd position, no ones legs are getting squashed etc…

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 22.34.10Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 22.36.36 (1)

I’ve wanted to use this in a porn scene for a while – indeed, from right back when I started directing. But as my way of working is to wait for the right moment – the right guys, the right set up etc – I’ve held on to the idea until now.

Filmed back in February, with AJ Alexander making his Raw and Rough return after the amazing Rubber Fuck Lads last year, along with Valentino Delta and Vittorio Mast both making their Raw and Rough debuts. I explained the concept for the scene, as well as the actual mechanics to the guys beforehand – and we had a practice blocking of the double-decker sling to give AJ and Vittorio a chance to try out the basic positions and physics required.


I’ve said on this blog before many times that filming porn is a very technical exercise – it’s not particularly ‘sexy’ on set, the idea of a ‘fluffer’ sucking off the porn stars and everyone being turned on the entire time is a very unrealistic idea. A porn scene becomes sexy after the editing to remove all the ‘behind-the-scene’ bits that you don’t see on any kind of production whether it’s porn or a Hollywood blockbuster. I normally like my shoots to be uninterrupted too much – breaking the energy and flow so that people can get check their phones or a scene can be relit ruins the reality and honesty of the sex that happens. But a technical element such as this (or the electric winch in Dex Gets Winched for example) requires pre-planning with the performers and a degree of Health & Safety care…

When I first did the double decker sling at home two years ago it was on my sling, a five-point frame which meant the guy in the lower sling was able to brace his feet against the structure to give himself some manoeuvrability. On location at The Bunker however, the sling is hung from the ceiling on chains meaning there is nothing for the guy in the lower sling to brace against – to allow him to brace into the guy above him. We improvised foot stirrups for AJ but they required a bit of practice. IMG_3726.jpg

The result I hope you’ll agree was worth the extra care to make it work. It’s something I’ve certainly never seen before in a porn film (if someone knows of it being used in another film please shout up – maybe that’s where my friend got his inspiration!) and it’s the kind of thing that once you’ve seen it, you want to try it! If you now find yourself re-creating your own double-decker sling fuck – let me know!!!

AJ Alexander won Best British Top at the Prowler Porn Awards a couple of weeks ago – before this scene came out. In truth – I’ve been holding on to its release for a while so that it would be published after this year’s awards and then gather a year’s worth of attention and recognition because I think it’s something worthy of being appreciated for an award, and releasing it a month before the awards would have meant it stood little chance of making enough impact. It’s also very very easy to see now why AJ won Best Top – he’s relentless and brutal in his fucking of Vittorio. Valentino Delta is someone I’ve wanted to cast for a while, everything about his look screams sex to me – and imagine my delight that he is such a lovely warm and friendly person too! Vittorio Mast is a hungry cumpig who was so eager to be in a Raw and Rough film and to be used by two mean and hung tops – and he got what he wanted (at one point I had to lean over and whisper ‘Are you ok? Do you want lube?!’ as AJ just began to destroy his hole…

If you’re on social media, give it up to my brilliant boys in this scene – AJ Alexander, Valentino Delta, & Vittorio Mast (not currently on social media but I’m encouraging him!)… the three guys who will now always be known for ‘oh yeah that leather fuck scene with the two slings kind of like a double-decker’… 😉


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