Boys On Film…

Another year, another Prowler Porn Awards

event-sliderLast year was an amazing acknowledgment when Bro Breeding (my Raw and Rough scene with Jessy Karson) was nominated for Best British Fetish Film. This year I’ve been very honoured to be nominated for Best British Director…

I’m not brilliant at all this social media stuff – I rarely post on Facebook, and I don’t use Twitter the way it’s perhaps meant to be (a constant stream of tweets so people see stuff on their timelines) but I’ve been canvassing for votes and now tonight is the night – awards night.

Let’s hope it goes smoother than the Oscars this year – if someone gets on stage only to find out the wrong name was announced I don’t think we’d ever hear the end of it – but it’s a fun night and it’s also great to catch up with performers and crew from the industry  who fly in to London from all over the world for the night.

Then tomorrow (Friday) is the Porn4PrEP Brunch being organised by Jason Domino – a project I’ve become heavily involved in. Jason’s campaign to use porn stars to advocate for PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis) both within the industry to help protect performers but also for the watchers of porn – the men out there having sex with each other – is a great idea and as a non-profit organisation is a labor of love for all those involved.

I became involved almost by chance, but once I’d learnt a little about what he was planning – a film using a combination of porn, a storyline, and interviews with people from the world of porn and medical practitioners to promote the campaign, I jumped straight in with both feet. The porn world aside, my background is in film and documentary – my degree is in Media Production – and this project blends traditional film narrative, documentary-style talking heads and porn…


So it’s a busy few days – the awards tonight, the Brunch tomorrow, and then the inevitable flurry of work over the weekend to tackle all the footage from the Brunch we’ll be shooting…

Then next week, I need to figure out where the hell I’m gonna live!

Best get a move on with some final prep on PrEP – wish me luck tonight! xx

2 thoughts on “Boys On Film…

  1. all the best Jason – and then there’s the award ha!!! Best for that too. I am an occasional only porn customer, but love the good stuff.

    We corresponded some time ago and I voted for you in something – maybe it was this gig, but for your performance. Anyhow, you’re cool, as well as hot. I first found you on Scruff and your humility and low key front wins hands down.

    The PrEP thing is a must – to head off all the crap and hopefully will also be able to silence the aggro in the developing world and pave the way for the violence to stop.



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