Don’t Fuck With The Hunter

Don’t Fuck With The Hunter is the second scene from The Bunker shot whilst Hugh Hunter and Dolf Dietrich visited London last year.

This scene combines several of my favourite things from porn – a great looking dungeon setting with sling, sleazy minded muscular pigs, leather gear which stays ON, and an unexpected but hot twist.

I like porn scenes where you start watching and think you’ve got it worked out – ‘yeah, he’s the top, he’s the bottom… he’s gonna be really sub, he’s gonna be really vocal, it’ll all end with him on his back with a spunky hole etc etc’ and then as the scene plays out your expectations are subverted, things happen in a different way, and you realise that what has happened is way hotter than what you were expecting.

When Dolf and Hugh contacted me to discuss shooting whilst they were in London I sat down and thought about different ideas – what scenes to shoot, who to cast, where to do it… To be honest I always had in my head that Hugh would bottom. Mostly because I had this leather apron which has been hanging on my wardrobe door for ages and I thought he would look absolutely amazing in it – but unlike my rubber apron which has a hole in it for you to put your cock though, the leather one restricts access and means your ass is out but your dick isn’t.

Josh Dors had patiently been waiting for me to cast him in a scene after contacting me and applying through the Raw and Rough Model Application earlier in the year. Josh looks great in chaps so as I was planning the shoot I was fairly sure of what I was gonna be getting – Hugh in the hot leather apron, Josh in a pair of chaps, the great setting that is The Bunker… perfect!

During the shooting of a scene there’s always a few breaks usually – not big pauses in shooting whilst everyone has lunch on set, but perhaps a couple of minutes whilst moving the action from one area to another, stopping to grab a water bottle, changing a battery – that kind of thing.

During one of these breaks it was pointed out that Hugh had a raging boner the whole time but that the apron made it hard to see it, and as a fan of big boners I agreed it would be a shame to not make the most of it… Josh was up for flipping, and I realised I had an opportunity to shoot two kinds of scenes – one where Josh is the top and Hugh is his sub bottom, and then one where Hugh gets to unleash his top side and turn the tables on the guy who thinks that HE in the one in charge…

Whatever position these guys are in, they always look HOT. The dungeon looks great, the gear stays on (although Hugh takes the apron off so he can fuck towards the very end) and the twist means you get to see both guys let their Dom side show. Who wouldn’t want to be in that sling whilst either of those two were pounding away at you!? 😃

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