Dex Gets Winched

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Whilst my first full film release (Sleazy Pig Lads) continues to do well – now available to download from Dick Wadd and other sites like AEBN and also now as a physical DVD from the Dick Wadd site – attention turns to the next scenes I’m producing for Raw and Rough.

Continuing my lucky streak of working with some of porn’s hottest and biggest names (and the nicest!) I was fortunate enough to work with Dolf Dietrich and Hugh Hunter on their recent visit to London. Dolf had hoped to be in the UK back in January and unfortunately had to cancel at the last minute but we kept in touch and it was great to finally meet and get him in front of my camera – and his hot boyfriend Hugh, who is just as friendly and sexy and lovely as Dolf.


They’ve done a number of shoots together for Raw and Rough over in the States as well as shoots together for other studios, and I wanted to make sure my film didn’t seem familiar or repetitious  – and I also wanted to get as much action from them as I could – so I decided to split them up and shoot two scenes rather than keep them together and shoot one. Once I made that decision, I then quickly figured out who I wanted to pair them with and what each scene would involve…

I returned to The Bunker (the location for the AJ and Gaston rubber fuck) for these shoots. Although other studios shoot there as well, the space is large enough, versatile enough (and I’m pretty good when it comes to lighting) to have a different feel each time rather than look like an identical location for every studio. I know the guy who manages The Bunker and through my chats with him I knew there were features of the venue that had rarely been seen or used for other shoots, which started to give me ideas…

Dolf’s scene partner Dex London had done one shoot about four years ago for Antonio Biaggi’s site but this was his first proper porn experience. I knew he had always fantasised about Dolf which certainly helped when I was thinking of guys I could cast with him but I also found it really hot pairing one of the tallest guys in porn with one of the shortest. It also played in nicely with the idea I was having about the setting for the scene.


So – the ‘gimmick’ for the scene? The electric winch found in the main corridor at The Bunker. Strap someone in to it, hit the control and winch them up in to air – kind of like an adjustable electronic sling…


Dolf stands at a whopping 6 foot 5 inches. How often does a guy like that get to give a blowjob whilst standing up?

Dex is a pocket-sized 5 foot 4 inches. And he’s just begging for Dolf to dominate him, knock him about and abuse his hole.

So – after some rough warmup foreplay, Dex climbs in to the canvas straps hooked to the winch, and Dolf raises him seven feet up towards the ceiling… Then back down a couple of feet so he can power fuck his hole and breed him.

I was going to call this scene ‘Pensile Fuck’. It turns out pensile means ‘hanging down; pendulous’ – and it looks a bit like ‘penis’ so it sounds kinda filthy. But I figured maybe most people wouldn’t know what it meant, and I’ve already confused enough people with ‘Fuckt Krankenhaus’. dolf-dietrich-and-dex-london-34dex-dolf

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