2017 Raven’s Eden Awards

This is one of those rare posts where I’m just basically begging you, dear reader, for something with nothing to give in return. Normally I’m talking about the latest scene I’ve shot or offering some funny or interesting insights in to what’s going on in the world around me.

But it’s awards time again and I’m canvassing for votes. I know – after a year of voting for the worst relationship break-up that is ‘Brexit’ and now ending the year with a nasty big Trump that won’t go away, asking you to vote again is very cheeky. All I can promise is that whether you vote or you don’t, nothing will change. I’ll still be here making porn, doing my thing, no drama.

The nomination window for the 2017 Raven’s Eden Awards has closed and I’m nominated in quite a few categories – so any and all votes for me in any of the categories will be gratefully received and a win would see a very special thank you from me to all the guys who voted… 😉

You can start voting by following this link to the 2017 Raven’s Eden Awards

I’m nominated in or linked to:

Best Actor (Versatile)
Best Bareback Performer
Best Creampie – Jessy Karson in Bro Breeding (it’s my load in him!)
Hottest Poz Star
Best Movie (Bareback) for Sleazy Pig Lads
Best Original Content Website for RawandRough.com
Best Studio for Dick Wadd Media
Best Director
Best International Star
Hottest Leather Pig
Best Performer Blog for jasonstormmexxx.com

So – if you have five minutes and you like multiple choices, I’d be very appreciative if you tick my name for any or all that you think I should win. Thank you!


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