It’s over a year since my epic five week voyage to the States and Europe and it’s been a hard-working 2016 so later this week I’ve got a nice three week break in America!

Last year I was only able to spend three days in San Francisco and two days in Los Angeles so I’m going back and spending a bit more time in each. I’m planning a week in San Francisco and I’m there just in time for Folsom 😉 I’m really looking forward to finally checking it out after years of hearing stories and seeing the occasional photos online. Then it’s off to Los Angeles for five days to stay with the gorgeous Super Steve (who I shot a hot three-way Raw and Rough scene with last year) and his fella. One of the surprising and wonderful things about porn is that I’ve made some truly brilliant friends through it and so this holiday gives me a chance to spend time with them 🙂

After Los Angeles I’ve got six days to catch up with my best friend (and other co-star from that Raw and Rough scene with Steve) Nick Roberts… Can’t wait to kick back and put the world to rights with Nick, he makes me laugh constantly 🙂

Before all that though, it just so happens that Steve and his hubby are in Ireland visiting the hubby’s family so Steve is going to catch a flight over to the UK for a few days just before I leave for San Francisco. Steve’s never been to London so we have three days to pack in as much tourist sight-seeing as we can, then I have one night to pack and then the next day catch my plane to Oakland.

Been looking forward to this for a long time so expect lots of happy updates!

Super Steve, Nick Roberts and me after our shoot last year

4 thoughts on “Holidays!

  1. Mate, I’ve seen none of your porn. I hope I get to do that. I’m reading your blog because of the link on your Scruff profile. You get full marks for humility son. And I don’t give full marks. Profiles are 99% ego Shit. How cool you to downplay. And Fuck, I’ve only read one and a half blog entries. Seriously, you’re husband material. Some lucky guy. I’m smiling silly and loving how nice and simply happy you come across. Phil

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