Sleazy Pig Lads

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Just over a year ago I was eagerly thinking about my first porn shoot as a director, doing what most of us have done at one time or another and coming up with ideal fantasy scenarios whilst staring out the window or waiting at the checkout…

Although I haven’t shot as much as I’d have liked due to various life things getting in the way, the stuff I have shot has been scenes I’m passionate about, scenes that hopefully have a little extra visual style, a better defined lean towards fetish, or a bit of creativity and ‘edge’ to them.

The way the industry works these days is that these scenes are released individually to stream or download as they’re created for subscribers to the Raw and Rough website, but then when there is enough for a full-length compilation, they get released on wider platforms – Dick Wadd VOD, AEBN, and even a good old-fashioned physical DVD you get sent in the post or buy at a store.

So – Sleazy Pig Lads is the product of my first year as a porn director. Featuring all five of the scenes I’ve shot so far, each with a different ‘look’ but each an ode to what I love best – sleazy bareback fetish sex.


Speaking personally – although I love rubber gear, my favourite fetish gear is leather but there’s none in the entire film (except Nathan Henrik’s harness!). Don’t ask me how that happened, I am totally surprised. My approach to what I make is that you can’t force a scene, it needs to develop naturally; the guys you pair together, the location you shoot in, the gear or fetish you choose… Simply slapping two porn ‘names’ together, dressing them in some fetish gear and throwing them on set isn’t the best way to make a decent scene.

So Sleazy Pig Lads is very much my ‘rubber phase’ I guess (with the exception of the Gaston/Pietro scene which is more sporty/naked cruisey). My intention going forward is definitely to make some leather scenes… it’s been AGES since a really great intensely hot bareback full-on leather film hit our screens… I don’t just mean harnesses and boots either. (There was a recent RFC scene called ‘Leather Fuck Boy’ where the only leather was a harness the top wore, and a small leather collar on the bottom. You should have heard me rant about that to a mate of mine. For like nearly half an hour. Loudly! There’s NO leather! How can you CALL it Leather Fuck Boy?!?! It’s one guy in a plain harness fucking a naked pretty boy who’s never worn more leather than a Gucci loafer in his LIFE!)

Why ‘Sleazy Pig Lads’? Well, if you’ve ever found me online on any of the various websites I lurk on, you’ll know that my profile name is slightly similar… so it’s a nod to who I am online, and also a play – these guys are sleazy pig lads, but they’re also sleazy pig lad’s – as in MINE (depending how clever you want to get with possessive apostrophes!)

As well as shooting and naming the film I had the fun job of designing the DVD cover and Titles and End Credits, something which is almost as enjoyable as shooting the porn itself. If it reminds you of anything, it’s possibly because I chose a Jurassic Park looking font, and a Ghostbusters yellow/black warning graphic style. Partly because I love both films and partly because I hope it makes the DVD stand out and look familiar when people are browsing!

Sleazy Pig Lads

On the end credits is the outtake from Fuckt Krankenhaus I posted here a while back where the ceiling started to collapse on us as a little extra. I was looking for more ‘behind-the-scenes’ moments from all the shoots, but aside from Gaston & Pietro hiding from exploring families wrapped in warm coats and nothing else, and a couple of ‘rest-stops’ with PigBoy and Jessy in the boiling hot attic, there wasn’t much else I could include.


There’s the usual list of names that won’t mean anything except to the people they belong to but they’re important as this wasn’t just a solo effort and I appreciate with all my heart every minute that those guys spent helping me – whether it was on set, or in preparation for a shoot, in support of my ideas, providing good critical feedback…

I hope you enjoy Sleazy Pig Lads. I thoroughly enjoyed making it, and I’ve already got plenty of ideas for the next few films – please support, download legitimately via the links here and I’ll get to work on more filth straight away! 🙂

Clip #39IMG_1238IMG_7861

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