Rubber Fuck Lads

The latest scene brought to you on Raw and Rough from the desk of yours truly is Rubber Fuck Lads with AJ Alexander and Gaston Croupier.

I’d gone to check out The Bunker in London – it’s this amazing dungeon play space available for private hire – check out their website for more pictures and their rates. The guy who runs it (someone I’d chatted to online for nearly thirteen years but not met until then!) mentioned AJ Alexander and said he’d encouraged him to apply for Raw and Rough.

Sure enough, a few days later AJ contacted me and we began chatting. I asked my usual questions and when he replied that he really loved rough-fucking in his rubber chaps, I instantly saw the direction I wanted to go in. When I mentioned that Gaston was going to be in London at the end of May for SexCircus, AJ was instantly excited – they’d wanted to fuck with each other for months. Sometimes it’s amazing how easy a scene can come together…

You might notice with this scene that the way it’s shot makes it feel a lot more intimate and makes you feel like you’re *in* the scene with the guys. That was deliberate – a lot of porn is shot in a voyeuristic style that simply observes the action from across the room, only showing what you might see if you were sat over in one spot watching… To my mind that can sometimes look a little ‘flat’ and two-dimensional… e.g. the kind of Machofucker style – two different angles for the fucking (one always from behind/below the action) and never making the viewer feel like part of the scene…

For this scene I wanted the viewer to feel like they’re actually there so there are a lot of ‘point-of-view’ angles… so it feels like you’re down on your knees looking up at AJ as he’s getting his dick sucked… or you’re looking over his shoulder next to him as he fucks Gaston’s ass, watching his dick going in and out…

I always wonder in some porn scenes whether the reason the camera stays out of the performer’s way is because a lot of guys find it distracting or off-putting having a camera man standing over them or hovering around whilst they’re trying to put on a good performance… (Frankly if that’s the case then you’re in the wrong industry love!)

AJ Alexander & Gaston Croupier 15The guys were amazing for this shoot. I briefly explained a couple of very specific things I wanted to see in the scene – a couple of tableaus almost – such as AJ fucking Gaston with his boot up over by his face which I find insanely dominating and hot – but apart from that I just let them get on with it. There was almost no stopping at all – these guys didn’t mind me hovering around they were just lost in the fuck. I think in total I filmed about 50 minutes which I then cut down to nearly 30 minutes once I took out all the bits where I changed positions/angles, and edited to keep it a tight intense scene…

AJ shoots his load around the twenty minute mark, so what’s the last eight minutes about? Honestly, it’s just so fucking horny watching the two of them totally worshipping each other I couldn’t cut it out. Porn usually ends with the cum shots but this is an authentic fuck that carried on afterwards with some felching and rubber/cock worship until Gaston shoots his load in AJ’s face…

We’ll be seeing more of both these guys in the future you can count on it 😉


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