Watch Us Fuck

‘Watch Us Fuck’ available NOW on Raw and Rough

The second of the Berlin scenes I shot at Easter stars porn newcomer Pietro Del Toro and Gaston Croupier in a hot cruise fuck in a derelict industrial loft.

I’d seen a couple of pictures of Pietro Del Toro on the Cazzo Twitter account as he’d just done his first ever porn shoot with them the same weekend that my friend Alexx did. About a week before flying to Berlin I was checking out escort profiles on GayRomeo and I found Pietro’s profile, so I sent him a message to see if he was interested, and he was really excited to have another shoot so soon after his first one. We met at my hotel for a coffee over the weekend to say hi and talk about the shoot and I was very happy to find out he’s a really really nice guy. As with Nathan Henrik on the Fuckt Krankenhaus shoot, Pietro was new to porn and so a little nervous about how it all worked – which just made me feel even more protective of him! 🙂

Gaston Croupier and I met at the start of last year on a shoot for All Real Bareback in Cologne and had seen each other once or twice since, and kept in touch. When I arrived in Berlin and started to look at the guys I had ready to shoot with, I suddenly realised that they were nearly all tops. Imagine that?! I can’t think how that happened… (Casting with my sex brain and not my producer brain!) But luckily someone mentioned Gaston was in Berlin for Easter – a few quick messages and I’d managed to find a bottom for Pietro (but why is it never that easy to find a top when I’m horny?)

By the time we all met on the Monday to shoot, Gaston had been fucked by over a hundred guys that weekend. A hundred. Even in my wildest times in Berlin I never had that many, but I have to applaud him for being such a massive cock whore. I was envious of course (my own sex life in Berlin that weekend was a disaster) but when you’re that sexy and you’ve got that amazing bubble butt… why wouldn’t you get fucked by a hundred guys if you could! Believe me when I say he is the real deal… an amazing sex fiend who is never tired of taking dick…

If you’ve read my previous posts about these shoots you’ll know how much I love the location. We filmed this scene in a fairly new building – constructed in 1987 as an additional wing to the hospital the architecture is more modern and less decayed but still unmistakably part of this broken and graffitied Kinderkrankenhaus. I decided to call this scene ‘Watch Us Fuck’ because of the constant gaze of the strange four-eyed alien figure painted on the wall behind the guys.


I’d hoped that as we were at the very top of the building, and there were only two doors providing access (one at each end of the whole floor) we would be fairly safe from any explorers passing by. It was Easter Monday and the sun was out so there were a few people taking the opportunity to visit the ruins as well but I thought we’d be undisturbed… Of course I was wrong though and we had to stop six or seven times whilst couples and groups and even a family came wandering past… Luckily Pietro and Gaston were able to stand out of sight (wrapped in coats) whilst Campbell and I did our best ‘we’re very annoyed because we’re being disturbed’ behaviour and everyone left us alone.


Towards the end of the video there’s an angle of Pietro fucking Gaston where he is directly in front of the camera. To film that, I stood in front of Gaston (letting him put his arms around my waist to balance himself and take some of the strain off his legs!) whilst I leaned back and held the camera up. Watching Pietro fuck like that, I suddenly realised I was getting hard… Now I should say – this was the first time I’d been turned on by a shoot whilst I was doing it (that I wasn’t performing in). Normally I’m concentrating on the camera, checking the exposure and focus, keeping an eye on the mic levels, keeping my hand steady, thinking about the next angle, etc etc… there’s no time to sit back and enjoy the action there and then. But face to face with Pietro as he pounded Gaston’s hole, I suddenly thought ‘Hey this guy is HOT’…

Later back at the hotel when I was going through the paperwork for the guys, I caught sight of Pietro’s date of birth – and realised just how incredibly old I feel now that I’m getting turned on by guys who weren’t even born when I first discovered sex…

But fuck it. These guys are the next generation. They’re young, they’re hot, and they’re sleazy pigs. They know exactly how to fuck. Raw. And rough 😉

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2 thoughts on “Watch Us Fuck

  1. Mate just saw you on Scruff. That’s lovely stuff, this is great narrative on making the porn. The back story makes it hotter. Now I’d better check your Scruff again and see if I can lay a trap for you! Are you on Gay Romeo maybe?


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