One Year

It’s my blogiversary!

I started this blog on 5th June last year, at the very start of my five week trip to the States and Europe – partly to chart the beginnings of a new chapter in my life and also to share some insights in to life involved with porn (and more!)

To be totally truthful, this time last year I was broken. I’d gone through the worst eighteen months of my life and had reached the absolute limit of what I could take. I booked myself five weeks off work and planned the trip of a lifetime to give myself both something to look forward to, and also something to help get me away from all the things at home that were bringing me down.

And it worked! Some sunshine, some travel, some good friends and some adventures were an amazing remedy for the troubles in my life. My time in the States also led me in a new direction… I still have my regular ‘day’ job; a twelve year career which I love, but now I also play a part in producing and directing porn which is a deeply satisfying hobby and an endless source of fantastic boner material!

I’ve met some truly wonderful people, made some very cherished friends, learned to better recognise the people who are best avoided, and made some progress on mending a broken heart and staying cautiously optimistic. There’s still been ups and downs – I think dealing with such strong feelings of loss and betrayal after a serious breakup is a constant battle rather than a war which can be won – and although I’ve not used this blog as a place to pour out my personal business it has been therapeutic for me writing it and concentrating on what’s been good about the last year rather than dwelling on the past.

In recent months I’ve not been blogging very regularly – something I’m always telling myself off for. I’ve got some renewed determination recently, boosted by the joys of the Prowler Awards nomination, some recent amazing shoots, and plans of a summer of great things.

It’s been an eventful year – here’s looking forward to another one 🙂

2 thoughts on “One Year

  1. The Stormme is gaining strength, has gaining new insights , whilst ridding himself of the retraints of past emotional garbage …. Now he can really ‘blow us all away’ … Yep..The brilliant news is….This Stormme is here to stay !


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