Fuckt Krankenhaus

Fuckt Krankenhaus – watch now on Raw and Rough!

(The title? It’s a play on the German ‘Spukt Krankenhaus’ which translates to ‘Haunted Hospital’)

The first film from my Berlin shoots at Easter is this hot scene between Nathan Henrik and Ken Taylor. This is Nathan’s first porn film but I think you’ll agree he’s a natural!

Nathan Ken
Fuckt Krankenhaus – Ken Taylor & Nathan Henrik

I’d been in contact with both Ken and Nathan online before getting out to Berlin. Ken and I had been talking for a month or two and aside from me casting him for a shoot, he’d also suggested a few possible locations I could film at, which had been one of my big worries… Easter in Berlin is a huge fetish event and the city is packed so I knew that there wouldn’t be any playrooms/dungeons/darkrooms available for filming so a bit of local knowledge was a huge help.

Nathan and I only got in contact just a few days before I flew out to Berlin but I could tell straight away he was very excited about his first shoot. I’d got eight guys on my list and I knew we’d be spending time together as a group because we’d all need to go out to the location together for the whole afternoon rather than a couple of guys at a time, so on the Thursday night I got everyone together and took them out for a few drinks. It’s a good way to break the ice for the guys; meet everyone face to face in a social context like a bar before you’re on set with a camera in your face being asked to perform with guys you’ve not met… One of the other guys was also new to porn and I can remember that nervous feeling before my first shoot, wondering what it would all be like – so I wanted him and Nathan especially to feel comfortable and at ease with everyone.

The next day we took a couple of cabs from the hotel where a few of us were staying out to the north-east of the city to Weißensee, and made our way to the Säuglings-und Kinderkrankenhaus (or Infant and Children’s Hospital).

When it came time to shoot Nathan and Ken’s scene, I was so impressed. We’d explored quite a bit of the huge building looking for suitable rooms to film in – I could have filmed anywhere as every single hallway, staircase, room and corner looked perfect but there were other explorers roaming around so we had to be careful to be somewhere where we couldn’t be easily seen, and where we could stand one of the other guys to stop people from wandering in. Over in the surgical wing we found a small tiled room which I imagine might have been a scrub room.

Scrub Room in Surgical Wing

Despite it being very cold and with the wind blowing through the broken windows as soon as I was ready with lights and cameras the guys threw their clothes off, Nathan was rock hard the whole time, and they both delivered a really hot fuck scene which was just amazing to watch. You can tell when guys are just going through the motions for a scene – faking their reactions, over-selling it, or thinking about what to have for dinner later or how much longer they’ve got to do this before the director has enough footage… Not these guys! You would never think that Nathan hadn’t ever shot a porn film before, there was no hint of nerves, he wasn’t shy or hesitant, he didn’t need to be told how to position himself for the camera… he throws himself in to the action, taking charge of Ken (who’s quite a bit taller than Nathan, something I hadn’t realised until I saw them together the night before!) and pushing him where he wants him, with a look on his face that radiates how much he loves fucking… Ken (who in real life is vers/top!) is a perfect bottom, taking good care of his top and taking those thick 9 inches like a proper pig should.

Me filming
Behind The Scenes – Jason Stormme directing

Of course shooting somewhere like a derelict abandoned building comes with its fair share of dangers and risks and although we were all being very careful about avoiding broken glass, debris everywhere and even a few unstable floors, I narrowly avoided getting hit on the head when part of the ceiling fell down whilst I was filming. Now – it’s no good telling a story like that if you can’t see what happened. So you’re in luck. It’s on film! I’ve edited it together to show both *my* camera and the angle that was being filmed by Alexx through a window one floor above where we were.

If you like this scene then the good news is that I’ll be shooting with both guys again very very soon – get your requests in for what you’d like to see! 😉

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