Vote for ‘Bro Breeding’

I never imagined that the first shoot I ever did as a director would see a scene go up for an award so you can imagine how surprised and thrilled I am that my scene with Jessy – ‘Bro Breeding’ – is up for Best British Fetish Film 2015 in this year’s Prowler Porn Awards.

The final entries for each category were selected from a round of public nominations and voting closes on Wednesday 4th May – one week before the awards event on the 11th May with the winner selected by a combination of public votes and a panel of industry experts.

Voting for all the categories is here at the Prowler Porn Awards Vote page.

Prowler Porn Awards VoteA few years ago when I first got the idea in to my head that I wanted to direct porn films as well as appear in them, I wasn’t quite sure if it would ever be more than a daydream or a passing fancy.

Last year I was lucky enough to make it happen when I started producing and directing for Raw and Rough as their European contributor. For my debut I shot two scenes in August when my buddy Jessy Karson came to stay with me in London – one with him and Ruben Litzky, and another scene with me and Jessy.

I was just so incredibly happy that I’d actually gotten the chance to do something I really wanted to and direct porn, that I’d been able to work with such great porn actors as Jessy and Ruben, and that the scenes seemed to get the thumbs up from the guys watching… every time I get a message from someone saying they liked those scenes it makes me so glad I was able to make them.

A big part of me wanting to produce and direct was that I wanted to make the kind of fetish scenes that I love watching – hard, intense, bareback, rubber/leather/fetish gear, guys who fuck sleazy in their regular lives rather than guys who just ‘perform sleazy’ for a shoot… I wanted to make something that guys would find genuine and hot. Even just being nominated is more than I could have hoped for – so I almost feel like I’m pushing my luck – but every vote for Bro Breeding is one step closer to winning its category. I can’t even begin to say how fantastic that would be.

Bro Breeding is currently sitting as the third-highest rated scene on the Raw and Rough website out of about 270 scenes in total.

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