The Best Laid Plans…

I just realised I’ve gone the entire month and not blogged once…

It’s been a bit of a slow month to be honest. Once the New Year was out the way and everyone settled back in to routine I was all set for a UK visit from Dolf Dietrich who had planned a ten day European trip.

I’d known it was coming up for a couple of months but I left it til the New Year to start making plans for a shoot. I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to try and set up but when I sat down to make a start, suddenly within a few hours I’d got four porn stars, a basement dungeon, and a horny scenario all planned out and arranged. It was… too easy!

It was also too good to be true. A couple of days later I realised I’d gotten dates confused with one of the guys and he wouldn’t be in London on the day I’d planned to shoot. Then the following day the owner of the basement dungeon told me he was going to be out of London for most of the month with a work thing that had cropped up. And then a few days after that, Dolf had to cancel his entire trip. Now – I totally agreed with his decision, but I am gutted that the scene I had envisioned didn’t get to be made cos it was really hot. I mean like super horny mega hot…

I’m working on some plans for next month though so hopefully I’ll have more luck then!

Meanwhile, a year ago…

This time last year Alexx Stier and I had just gotten back from a shoot in Cologne for All Real Bareback. Although the group scenes we were in have been released on their website, for some reason the scene that Alexx and I shot together didn’t get officially posted there, although it has been released on sites like TLA if you know what to look for… Here’s the link! All Real Bareback 11



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