Looking Backwards, Moving Forwards 2015

It’s the end of 2015. It’s been an incredible year in every way for me – extreme ups and downs, the most breath-taking moments and the most amazing opportunities. It seems right to take a moment to reflect before dusting it off and looking to a brand new year!

1) Where did you begin 2015?

I was at home in my lovely flat watching the New Year’s Eve fireworks over the Thames from the comfort of my living room window. And this year I shall be doing the same! 

2) How did you earn your money?

My regular job – which was hectic this year – and through a few porn shoots as a performer, and a couple as director.

3) Where did you go on holiday?

Where didn’t I go?! Alexx Stier and I went to Cologne in January to shoot for All Real Bareback – and it snowed whilst we were there and made the city look gorgeous. Then in May I popped over to Castellon in Spain to see my parents in their new home. June and July I did a mega-tour of New York, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Berlin, Barcelona and then back to Mum and Dad’s .


4) Do you know anybody who got married?

On a lovely hot summer’s day in August, Spike & George tied the knot. I’ve known them for years and it was at their home that I filmed my Raw and Rough scenes – Spike spent days clearing the attic space to make it look so amazing for the Jessy and PigBoy shoot and then we used their bedroom/playroom for my scene with Jessy.

5) What did you purchase that was over £500?

I’m a gadget lover, so it’s natural that an expensive buy would be technological rather than something boring like furniture. And the gadget that qualifies for this question is my Canon LEGRIA G25 video camera which I use to shoot my Raw and Rough stuff (as well as a few home movies!)Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 18.42.06 (1)

6) Do you know anyone who passed away?

Not directly. I’ve been fortunate this year.

7) Did you move anywhere?

Nope I’ve stayed living in the same place in London – but I was tempted by San Francisco after my brief visit there… This year was a monumental year for me in so many respects, amongst them that it marked my ten year anniversary of living in London and of working at the company I do. That coupled with a… complicated personal life gave me a lot of reason to reflect and evaluate my situation – and for a while, a complete change of scenery did appeal…

8) Describe your last birthday.

My birthday is July 11th, and it was just two days after I got back to London from the big holiday. I’d managed to score a complete five weeks leave from work to go away but to then take off the weekend of my birthday was pushing it a bit so I had no option but to work. It was ok though – I got to take in some cake and catch up with all my colleagues and tell them about my adventures (the non-porn ones anyway!)

9) What was the one thing you thought you would never do, but did in 2015?

About five years ago I got a bit disillusioned with the porn that was out there – it wasn’t quite what I wanted to see… a lot of it was ‘almost’ great but was let down by bad angles, bad editing, bad performances, bad lighting, bad setting… Or – it was all perfect except it was safe porn, and unfortunately, I can’t watch guys fucking with condoms and find it horny. I find safe porn the biggest turn off regardless of how hot the guys are.

So I thought to myself ‘I could make better porn than this. I’ve got the practical film-making skills, and I’ve got a clear idea of what I want’. But thats a rather big dream to have and I didn’t think it would ever go beyond making a few home movies and throwing them on Xtube.

So I was really staggered this year when Raw and Rough took me on as their Europe producer and director and I had the chance to do exactly what I’d daydreamed about for years. Yes – dreams really do come true!

10) What has been your favourite moment?

My absolute top favourite moment was as I turned a corner in San Francisco and saw the Golden Gate Bridge in the mist… and the half hour that followed as I walked along the Bay towards it with tears in my eyes as all the pains of the previous three months fell away.

 343 (1)

11) What have you learned about yourself?

Quite a lot – not all of it an easy lesson. It’s been a rough year emotionally, but I made it through and out the other side so I’ve learnt a lot regarding those events. A friend recommended I read a book called The Velvet Rage by Alan Downs to help me get some clarity on the kinds of struggles gay men face in their relationships. I thoroughly recommend it to every gay man – it’s not necessarily totally accurate as of course everyone is unique and you can’t apply sweeping generalisations to all guys. But it identifies and explains a lot of very recognisable patterns of behaviour – the ways in which we act towards each other and ourselves… It certainly helped me see things in a new light and accept them a lot easier.

12) Any new additions to your family?

Not a new addition but the return of an old family member – my cat KD, who I was given on my 13th birthday by my parents. When I left home at 18 for university she stayed home on the farm and I figured she’d stay there for the rest of her days. But when my parents moved to Spain this year, I decided to give her a comfortable retirement (she’s now 19!) here with me, and so we’ve been living together again – quite the Odd Couple!


13) What music will you remember 2015 by?

Air Supply ‘All Out Of Love’ (my break-up),

Bran Van 3000 ‘Drinking In LA’ (walking along Venice Beach),

Sia ‘California Dreaming’ (in bed with Super Steve),

Lady Leshurr ‘Queen’s Speech 4’(Brush Your Teeth!)

Meghan Trainor vs. Daft Punk ‘All About The Wicked Wonderland’ (singing in my living room in the sunshine)

14) Made new friends?

Lots – Jessy Karson, Ruben Litzky (PigBoy), Rob Rodin, the Dick Wadd guys, Hernan in Barcelona, Terry, the delicious Super Steve, my Dubsmash instigator Nate Reynolds at TIM, and one chap who grabbed my ass at Universal but whose name I can’t say three times…

15) Any regrets?

Loads. But I think if you have absolutely no regrets, you’re not really living life.

Happy New Year to you all – I hope 2016 is a brilliant year!

Jason xxx

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