Dream Fulfilled… Filled With Cream!

You’ll have to forgive me plagiarising the greats here, but I’m going to channel a bit of Martin Luther-King for a moment.

Eight long years ago, I… (pause for dramatic effect) had a dream… A dream to get my ass fucked, spunked in and loaded in a Treasure Island movie. To be one of those lucky few who get to proudly show the world just how much they love raw primal sex between guys with no barriers. A dream to be part of the changing landscape around sex and porn, to help shape it…

Of course, things don’t always happen the way you imagine they will… I did get to be in a Treasure Island film (several in fact) and in doing so help change attitudes, change stereotypes, and give untold numbers of men something to both aspire to and knock one out before bed to… But it wasn’t as a bottom. When I first met Liam Cole for the very first round of casting auditions he’d ever held back in October 2007, we were both taking our first steps in our respective roles in the UK and bareback porn industry. And as I’m sure you can imagine – for every one guy who wants to top in a porn film, there’s about twenty guys who want to bottom. So Liam cast me as a top for the first shoot – and was impressed with what I did and so asked me back again and again in that same capacity.

(Interesting side note – I was just going through my email archives to pin down the exact date I first met Liam, and in his email to me arranging the first shoot we did for Bad Influence, he wrote me this: “Don’t know how this shoot is going to live up to your lifestyle, but it’s a start” At the time it didn’t carry much weight to it as no one had seen any UK Treasure Island stuff at that point, but now looking back? I’m gobsmacked and slightly awed that I was somehow setting the benchmark)

Eager to not be typecast as a total top I branched out and worked with other porn companies over the years – getting plenty of spunk in my ass as I did so – but not for Treasure Island… who let’s face it, are THE studio that everyone knows, everyone has seen, everyone aspires to… I may not always agree with everything they do or say, but they are a label to be proud to work for.

And now – eight years after my dream first became a possibility, it’s come true.

Fuck Off Homo is the new film from Treasure Island, directed by Max Sohl and shot in New York, and featuring some truly great performers in porn today (and me!) and the opening scene of the film is me, the smoking hot Austin Chandler, and the gorgeous hunk that is Ray Dalton, flip-vers-fucking in a bar in downtown Manhattan – and Austin Chandler spunks right up my ass.

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 20.50.47I’ve had a lot of spunk in my ass over the years, some of it even on film, but nothing is quite as satisfying as that load from Austin. It’s a massive ☑️ on one of my bucket list items. You can tell I was happy – look at my grin afterwards!

Go – get the film. I’ve watched my copy twice already and I only bought it this morning. And I know you’re not supposed to spunk a load over your own scenes, but fuck it, the first load I shot went right on Austin spraying my hole with his cum!

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