A Tease Of Things To Cum

If you’ve been a long-term reader (or if you’ve recently started but have worked your way back through the months) you might remember me talking about a shoot that I did on my holiday as I was passing back through New York on the way to Berlin. If you don’t remember it, you can read it here.

At the time, I couldn’t say much about which studio it was with or who the other guys were. The director had asked us not to, for the simple reason that whilst you can plan a shoot, book the guys, turn up and film the scene, even edit it and have a finished product – it still might not get released or ever see the light of day. A hundred things can happen between the first initial contact between studio and performer and the release of a scene to prevent it happening.

But – the trailer is out, and so I’m very excited to announce that in a few weeks time you’ll be able to watch me in a three-way fuck with Austin Chandler and Ray Dalton for Treasure Island Media in Fuck Off Homo.

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