Journey’s End…

Well what a journey!

At the end of last year my ex and I began forming ideas about starting a porn company together – my background is in media and his is in web design, so between us we had the necessary skills to produce content and then present and deliver it. Unfortunately we separated in March before we were able to make serious progress on those plans, but my desire to direct and produce porn was fired up by the start we had made. We got as far as creating several ‘amateur’ scenes of the two of us together with cameras and phones on tripods recording the action from different angles which I then edited in to complete scenes (if you know where to look on Xtube, you can still see them!)

After we split up and I was planning my trip to the States, I was discussing things with my wonderful buddy Nick Roberts, and he arranged for us to shoot a scene for Raw and Rough together and for me to meet the guys behind that website – better known as the owners of Dick Wadd – and to do something almost unthinkable; fulfil the plans I had made last year with my ex and produce, direct, shoot and edit porn that would then reach a global audience…

The release of this first scene in many ways marks the culmination of a dream I had last Christmas/New Year under very different circumstances. It’s a remarkable journey… from grand ‘pillow talk’ ideas with a boyfriend, to a terrible break up, to the trip of a lifetime, to finding a different way to realising those ideas, finding yourself in an attic in Maida Vale on a hot summer’s day with Jessy Karson and Ruben Litzky and a camcorder in your hand – to this week and the end of one incredible journey – and the beginning of the next.

I know it sounds like I’m talking as if it’s all over now, but nothing could be further from the truth. I am just getting started, trust me. It’s been ten months of extreme ups and downs, but now I can just build and gather speed – improve my techniques and skills, plan bigger shoots, make scenes that will be watched for years to come… Up until now I was merely an aspiring director with big ideas… All that becomes reality now 🙂

This isn’t an Oscar speech but indulge me whilst I say some ‘thank you’s’ – to the team at Dick Wadd/Raw and Rough for taking a chance on me and giving me the opportunity, to Spike and George for all their work and hospitality, to the wonderful Nick Roberts for more support and unconditional love than I’ve had in a long time, to Alexx Stier for creating a dream with me even though we didn’t get to share it together, to the smoking hot Jessy Karson and Ruben Litzky for an incredible experience and brilliant performance, and to you. Thanks for following along with me so far – I hope you like the scene! Keep following, keep re-tweeting, re-blogging and other social-media-sharey type things to get as many people talking about it as we can… It can’t happen without the support and feedback from all of you so thank you and here’s to many more!

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