Are You There? It’s Me, Jason…

I shot my first scene in a porn film back in 2008 – over seven years ago. Since then I’ve got about fifteen titles under my belt – not a prolific performer at all but I guess enough to get me known by a few people here and there. This week I got asked to do my first ever interview profile, for and I immediately agreed.

I’ve always thought I went under the radar as far as my porn career went – no major scenes, no big hype by a studio as a featured performer, no interest from the gay media in me as a porn actor… I didn’t get in to porn to be famous (or rich) so it’s never been an issue for me whether I’ve been a success by those standards or not. I’ve always just done porn because I enjoy doing it, and I’ve been lucky enough that I’ve been able to take breaks from it without killing my momentum as it were.

As for being recognised – I always seem to underestimate who or how many people are aware of Jason Stormme. I got a text from Jessy Karson last week saying that a guy on the checkout in his grocery store had told him how similar Jessy and I look, and I was kinda surprised – it felt strange being reminded there are people all over the world who might know who I am. Only a small percentage of those people ever contact me, so it’s hard to gauge.

Although I have my Twitter, FB and blog, they really only reach the people who are looking for me… My face isn’t on club flyers and there’s no glossy centrefolds of me. Writing my blog here is one thing – I could have zero readers or a million but it’s still just me hoping that what I write is being read. But getting asked about who I am to flesh out the page about me on shaftmedia and then interviewed in a ‘Twenty Questions’ piece is a nice acknowledgment that I’m not just carrying on totally unnoticed by the wider audience out there. I’m always humbled and thrilled when I get messages or guys come and chat to me about my work – I honestly don’t think I’m anything special or different, so each and every person who takes the time to follow me on social media or read my blog or watch my scenes is appreciated…

You might not care at all about who I am as a person – after all, I am kinda marketing myself as a sex object, and sometimes a fantasy should stay just that… but if you’ve ever wanted to know what my guilty pleasure is, or a random fact such as I used to have a pet snake but I absolutely hate spiders, then click on the links below and get to know me a little better 🙂

My profile page is here

Shaftmedia Profile Page

And the ‘20 Questions with Jason Stormme‘ page is here

20 Questions

Thanks for reading! Drop me a reply here :)

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