The Next Shoot…

I might still be editing my first scene shot for Raw and Rough, with another one waiting on a hard drive to be edited after that, but I’m also planning my next shoot.

When I knew back in June I would be producing and directing for the studio over here in Europe, and I began discussing my ideas and aims with Dick and the guys at Dick Wadd (the parent company behind Raw and Rough), one of the things I wanted to do was to bring back some familiar faces who did porn a while ago, then haven’t been seen since, despite being on everyone’s favourite list.

I already had one or two people very definitely in my mind – guys who I have spoken to in the past, or who I knew I wanted to try and track down. Of course it’s still too early for me to reveal who any of them are; I wouldn’t want to get anyone’s hopes up only for plans to fall through for some reason.

But – having now got two shoots under my belt, I’ve learnt a few things from that experience that I can put to good use on my next one. Things such as placement of lights, microphones, the different colour temperatures of the lights used, limitations of the equipment, quirks particular to one camera over another, optimum settings for all the gadgets… the list isn’t very long but it is a bit complex and detailed. MVI_7800a (2)

One of the big lessons that every one who shoots and then edits their own content learns is that there is never enough footage – or rather, there is never enough of the exact footage you’re looking for to cover a tricky edit point, or to better show off a key moment, or to substitute for a poor shot from another camera. The answer then, would be to have more cameras. Which could get pricey. Or does it?

I have an iPhone 6. Now, several friends have stared in disbelief at me and sarcastically said “You’re going to film it on your phone?!” Well no, of course not. But… perhaps… The iPhone 6 will shoot full HD 1080p right out of the box, just as any other pro or consumer-level camcorder does. Apple even cranked up the frame rate options for the iPhone 6 allowing it to shoot at up to 240fps (not that I’ll be doing a lot of slow-motion porn… maybe a good cum-shot perhaps!)

But what a lot of people don’t know is that the iPhone 6 is actually capable of shooting at a much higher resolution than 1080p HD. A lot of other handsets already offer 4K video resolution, but Apple, in it’s very Apple-ish way, has opted to stay away from 4K for the time being. But that doesn’t mean their device can’t shoot in 4K…

Not quite true 4K – but very near to it… With a little help from the App Store I can record at a resolution of 3264 x 2448 (true 4K is around 3840 x 2160) and at 30 frames a second. Whilst I don’t think I’d attempt to shoot an entire scene on my phone, it would certainly come in useful to provide another high-resolution option to my other cameras – perhaps mounted discretely above the action looking down, held over someone’s shoulder (less intrusive than a proper camcorder with a mounted gun mic and viewfinder suddenly hovering next to your ear angled at your cock!) or resting on the floor looking up as guys fuck over it… IMG_0962 (1)

My ex and I used to film ourselves when we fucked with several different devices to edit together afterwards – my Canon 600D DSLR, my iPhone 6, his Samsung Note 4, and a staggeringly impressive Logitech C920 webcam (if you can get it cheap on Amazon – under £50 – do, the picture quality is amazing) and with all of them recording 1080p the finished film looked just as good as anything ‘professional’.

The shoot I’m beginning to plan now is one I’m very excited about – featuring a guy who I think you’ll all be very excited to see returning to the screen… I will make sure I get the very best of the action so you don’t miss a thing and it becomes a guaranteed favourite 😉

Thanks for reading! Drop me a reply here :)

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