The Devil’s In The Edit

Wow where did that week go? One minute I’ve got a house full of porn stars then the next it’s eight days later and I’m having to remind myself to put the laptop down and break from editing for half an hour to feed the cat and take the bins out! (I’m exaggerating but you get the general idea…) In addition to editing this week I’ve been busy doing other non-porn stuff, so barely had time to do much else.

One of my favourite parts of video production work is editing – from the smallest tweaks to a single shot, to moving a whole scene somewhere else to completely change the tone of the piece… And because I shot two scenes in one weekend, I keep hopping from one to the other, working on the first one then opening the second one and doing some work on that…

But I know everyone is eager to see any scene so I’ve put my scene with Jessy on the back burner whilst I finish the scene with Jessy and Ruben.

Whilst I love editing, for a perfectionist like me it can also be a right pain in the arse… Never quite satisfied with it, always tinkering… trying to find a better moment to cut from one camera to another, or get the light levels balanced so you can see more in the shadows or less in the light…

I’m getting there though, so hopefully you won’t have to wait long. And in the meantime, here’s a sneak peak to give you an idea of what to expect… IMG_8048

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