First Shoot… (aka Three Little Pigs)


Simply, just ‘wow’. Yesterday was one of the most intense and satisfying days I’ve had in a very long time… as both a producer/director managing two scenes on my first shoot, and also as a performer in one of those scenes.

A porn shoot with Jessy Karson and Ruben Litzky for Raw and Rough as my debut production is an amazing (and slightly daunting) way to make my entrance to the industry. CL5wrEMWgAEqKa6.jpg-large

Firstly I need to say a huge thank you to Spike and George, who are the guys who own the space I was shooting in. It’s their house – so to welcome in a porn crew to take over for the day was incredibly generous. Spike put in hours of labour to get their attic space cleared for the shoot with Jessy and Ruben, and then switched their bedroom over to the amazing playroom sling space for the shoot with me and Jessy. George was the perfect host making sure we were all fed and watered – so to both of them – you are brilliant and thank you! IMG_7536IMG_7835

The attic was boiling hot as it was one of the sunniest days of the year, and Jessy and Ruben were in rubber, so you can imagine the temperature inside rubber inside an attic whilst it’s brilliant sunshine beating down on the house… They were both total pros though – I think I stopped to wipe my head down more than they did because the sweat was stopping me from seeing the viewfinder on the camera!

With Jessy and Ruben’s scene done, it was back down out of the attic and in to the playroom. The guys had a break whilst I got the playroom ready, and got in to my gear for the shoot…

IMG_7844 (1)

One of my big fetishes is waders (as well as rubber and leather) and I’m always frustrated that there is almost no porn with guys wearing waders (or if there is, it’s safe) so for my scene with Jessy – I’m wearing waders. I’m also topping. That’s right – Jessy spent the whole day bottoming for me and Ruben. He’s a cocky fucker with a big dick, but there are at least two pigs who are bigger, badder, and ready to blow his motherfucking house down (a confused mixed meta-reference but you know what I mean). It’s been a while since I topped (and just topped) in a scene, and it was time. And I really really wanted to get my spunk inside Jessy.

Both scenes are equally hot in different ways, and I think you guys will love both of them for different reasons…

Today is a total rest day, before both Jessy and Ruben catch their respective planes home this evening. I can’t even begin to describe how much fun it’s been.

IMG_7857 (1)

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