Behind ‘Stretching Jason’…

The second part of my scene with Nick Roberts and Super Steve for Raw and Rough has gone up on the site! If you’re a member head over and check it out – if you’re not a member, there’s a trailer here... But think about becoming a member because it’s the only way to see not only the scenes that I’m in, but soon also the scenes I’ll be producing and directing!

I promised a little back story to my shoot in San Diego for Raw and Rough, and now that ‘Stretching Jason Part 2’ is out, this is the perfect time to tell it.

I’ve been friends with Nick Roberts for years – I stumbled across his profile on Recon about eight years ago and sent him a “I love your films I’m your number one fan!” type message, full expecting not to hear back from him.  

To my delight and surprise he replied and the two of us began writing back and forth – nothing much at first, just the usual chat stuff… but eventually we found a deeper friendship, regularly catching each other on Skype for a video chat. Bizarrely though, in all that time, the conversations or webcam chats never turned very sexual.

Fast forward eight years and Nick is one of my best friends, so when I told him I was planning a big trip to the States, I knew I wanted to spend some quality time with him. He suggested we go to San Diego to meet the guys at Dick Wadd/Raw and Rough who he has known for years; we could do a shoot for them, and he had an idea that could get me involved in the production side of things as well. Nick had just shot for Raw and Rough with Super Steve, who was another guy in porn I’d got the hots for – so the opportunity to be fucked by two porn crushes at once was like Christmas coming early. 

When Nick and I met up in New York for a couple days before flying to San Diego, we suddenly realised that after all this time, after eight years of friendship, we were gonna have to have sex. And it felt a little wrong… after being friends for so long and it never being sexual… to suddenly have to have very loud, aggressive, and public sex… Nick came out the shower swinging his dick at me and I burst in to giggles like a Japanese schoolgirl at the sight of it…

But we’re professionals, and as soon as we were on set in San Diego, bladders full to bursting ready to start the shoot with a piss scene, (not included on the release on Raw and Rough but I’m told possibly on an extended version available later) and with the cameras rolling… well I hope you’d agree, but we bring it. There is no hint of what great friends we are, of all the time we’ve spent supporting each other through the ups and downs… He throws me around like some trade he just found in the backroom at the club, and with the help of Super Steve, annihilates my hole and my throat. I think actually he was meaner to me because some primal part of him just wanted to get me back for every argument where I was right, for every time I called him a dumbass, for every time I did something stupid that made him mad… There’s different kinds of fucks, and porn fucks have their own little sub-category, but what Nick Roberts did to me could only be described as a gleeful angry grudge fuck.

I wouldn’t have had it any other way of course.

And once the shoot was over, and we’d all stripped off our sweaty, piss-soaked and cum-stained leathers and jocks and boots and shared a three-way shower, it was back to being buddies again. IMG_7270 (1)

I have a lot of happy memories from that shoot – from having all that dick stuffed in me, to reaffirming an old friendship with Nick and building a new one with Steve. I can’t wait to get back to the States to see them again – and you can be sure there’ll be a rematch!  

UPDATE: Rob Rodin has just posted on his blog here his account of how Nick Roberts came back to porn and brought me with him: read that here

And Nick Roberts has posted on his blog about the shoot here and here

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