Lights, Camera…

It’s been a busy week which is why I’ve not blogged much… I have a regular ‘day’ job which takes up a big chunk of my days and is shift work, so my Raw and Rough work is done when I can fit it around my calendar. Things are coming together nicely though. All the equipment I ordered arrived so now I’m fully kitted out with video cameras, lights, microphones, reflectors, and tripods.


It’s been a few years since I was kitted out for a proper film shoot – not since my university days in fact, about ten years ago. I used to love my uni days at film school, learning how to use 16mm film cameras, light a scene,ย record sound on to tape and then sync it to the film, how to edit… I’m really excited to be back making ‘movies’. I can’t lie; it can be difficult, frustrating, tiring and tedious, but there is a certain magic about making a film, whether it’s a summer blockbuster showing at the IMAX or it’s a porn scene streaming on a home computer.

In addition to the camera gear, I’ve sorted myself a workspace by the big windows in the corner of my living room with the most amazing views of the London skyline. And there’s a lot of work to be done – this weekend I got sent a backlog of applications to Dick Wadd from European guys going back to 2008! I now have the mammoth task of sorting through them all, and contacting the guys to see if they are still interested. It’s a lot to get through, but looking at hot guys and reading about what turns them on is hardly a chore so I’m not complaining!


I’ve already got a few guys lined up for specific scenes – these are the guys I’ve been talking to and trying to encourage them to come out of ‘retirement’ and do a new scene to show everyone they’re still just as hot as ever – so once I’ve found guys to match them with in the scenes I can begin arranging… All in all, it’s coming together nicely. Which is a good thing in all senses of the phrase ๐Ÿ˜†

4 thoughts on “Lights, Camera…

  1. You need an ASSistant to help you read through all those applications. Fuck I wish I lived in London I would so love to be your assistant, fetching your coffee and whatever else you might need ๐Ÿ˜‰


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