A Quick Update…

Grr, six days since I last blogged… have been meaning to every day but have worked most of them and just been so busy, and then so tired, that I’ve not gotten round to it…

Anyway, here I am! It’s been a good week although I’ve worked all weekend. By the end of last week the last of my camera equipment arrived, and so I’m just going through it all, working out what batteries I need to keep stocked up, how all the various settings work… I’m kind of in my element with this stuff, ever since I was a kid and borrowing my dad’s camcorder to make home movies where I was chased by aliens and dinosaurs around the house etc… I haven’t gone all out and bought the most expensive ultra 4K 3-D Steadi-cam set up that I would if I were perhaps going to be making the next Jurassic Park instalment, but by choosing a decent mid-range camcorder as my main camera, I can then supplement that with the various video recording devices I already have…

I’ve been speaking to a few guys about casting/auditioning, and I’ve also been investigating a few location possibilities… it’s all starting to come together nicely – if everything goes to plan I should be able to start shooting some stuff in the first week or two of August.

I did promise some more background story to the scenes I shot for Raw and Rough, but rather than squeeze them in here I’ll put them in a separate post. Hope everyone is having a good week!

Thanks for reading! Drop me a reply here :)

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