Stretching Jason… Part 1

On Monday I posted my announcement that I am the new UK & Europe producer and director for Raw and Rough, the video-on-demand site for Dick Wadd. This is such a big deal for me, and I’m so excited about it.

For ages I’ve wanted to make porn from behind the camera and not just in front of it. Partly because I did a degree in film and documentary production from university and they are skills that I love putting to good use, but also because I thought that I could make porn that filled in the gaps of what is currently out there that I’m not seeing…

For example – I see a lot of ‘leather porn’ where the guys have some gear on at the start – maybe chaps and a shirt or harness etc – but four or five minutes in, usually between the blowjobs and the fucking, it all magically comes off, and they fuck for three-quarters of the clip in just boots and a jock. Now – that to me is not leather porn. And we’ve all seen porn where there is a close up from underneath of a cock going in and out of an ass and it’s the same shot for three or four minutes, and you’re thinking “Cut back to the guys faces, I’ve forgotten what they look like I’ve been staring at the underside of a dick for so long!”

Porn – and by wider context, sex itself – is about the connection between the two guys for me. I love seeing their expressions, love seeing the shapes of their bodies, the positions they’re in… sometimes I’ll cum from watching the look in a guy’s eyes as he’s fucking, rather than from the cumshot at the end.

So the chance to flex my video production muscles AND make the kind of porn I wanna see is a great opportunity and I’m really grateful to the guys at Dick Wadd Media and to Nick Roberts (who introduced me to them) for entrusting me with expanding their productions in to Europe.

Of course, it was whilst I was on my big vacation that I met the Dick Wadd guys to discuss all this, at the Dick Wadd ranch in San Diego. And I also filmed with them there, a shoot that was so epic it’s being split in to two parts.

The first part of that shoot has just been released on the Raw and Rough site. Called, very appropriately, “Stretching Jason Part 1” it’s been timed perfectly with the news of my production work with Dick Wadd. There is a short trailer of the scene at Mansurfer – but I’d encourage anyone who isn’t a member of Raw and Rough to sign up and see the whole thing. If you sign up before July 30 you can take advantage of the Wet’N’Hot promo they have on offer, and pay just $9.95 for the first thirty days of your membership – which then increases to the standard $19.95 a month after that. Or go for the 12 month option which works out to just $9 a month.

The scene is without a doubt the hottest thing I’ve done. Prior to this I’d say I was most pleased with my Pig Prod film ‘Trained 4 Size’ but this one for Raw and Rough… wow. I posted a clip to Twitter and Facebook of my reaction as I was watching it because I was so blown away by it…

It was great to shoot with my buddy Nick Roberts, and with Super Steve – both fucking hot guys with monster dicks!

IMG_0858 (1)IMG_0859 (1)

In the next day or two I’ll tell more of the story behind the scenes, but for now – check out the trailer, head to Raw and Rough and check out their membership plans, and don’t forget – there’s a Part 2 coming as well so you’ll get double the Stormme for your bucks!

One thought on “Stretching Jason… Part 1

  1. Totally agree Jason, things getting a bit ‘same shot different hole in another hole room’, boring or lazy directors, who have forgotten they are in a creative industry, fantasy and role play has been lost , Porn should always arouse or theres no point, Porn can and should teach techniques , positions, Leather sex, Master Sub role play, Pup training, bondage and be creative in the ways to present a quick fuck , the close up, same old order of having sex, then just becomes about the chemistry between the performers, and if they don’t ‘click’ and theirs no connection, the viewer is very aware ,when one performer is going threw the motions , doing a job, its a waist of everyone time from studio to performer, I’m excited to here your news and look forward to viewing your first film. I have some ideas I will share with you in a private message of something, no studo has done , that is perfect for the internet , to see if you could develop it in your new role , regards
    Spike X


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