Raw and Rough

I am very happy to announce that I will be the new UK and European producer/director for Raw and Rough – the video-on-demand steaming site from Dick Wadd Media.

Having been a long time fan of Dick Wadd films, it is a huge privilege to be given the opportunity to produce and direct content for their site.

It’s my hope to make the kind of films that you come back to again and again – the films that we all have as favourites; the sure-fire reliable scenes that we put on when nothing else will do… Part of my plan is to feature the return of some familiar faces from the past – guys from films who haven’t been seen for a while. We all know them – that guy who is really hot but who hasn’t done porn for years… Where is he now? How’s he looking, and more to the point, how’s he fucking? It’s early days but I’m already in talks with a few favourites from a while back who I think you’ll be very excited to see!

Dick Wadd started in the late 90’s and to date have produced over sixty full length films whilst Raw and Rough, the VOD site, is continuing to grow in content. To be able to expand in to the UK and Europe from a base in London is sure to guarantee some great new content in the coming years.

I would like to thank Dick and the rest of the Dick Wadd team for their confidence and trust, and hope that they, and you, will be as excited as I am by what is about to come.

Nothing left to say now except “Erections… Camera… Action!”

Jason x

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