Looking Back… And Forwards

And so after 36 days and 24,600 kilometres of travel, it was back to London on Thursday and home to a very excited cat who was absolutely overjoyed to see me. 

When I approached my boss back in April and asked for five weeks off, she was instantly cooperative, and within a day had arranged all the necessary staff required to fill my shifts so I could go off for the longest break I’ve had in the ten years I’ve lived in London and worked for the company. 

I needed the break; personal and work lives had overloaded in the first few months of 2015 and I wanted the chance to get out of London and clear my head and relax without counting the days until I came back. Of course, along the way I was going to catch up with friends who live in different countries, like my dear friend Nick Roberts, and shoot some porn scenes for a few different studios. 

I timed the break to bring me back home just a few days before my 32nd birthday – which was yesterday. I could have been on holiday for my birthday but I wanted to be back here in London in familiar surroundings. Naturally after five weeks away I couldn’t refuse when I was rostered to work my birthday, but the day actually was quite nice, with colleagues excited to see me again and wanting to hear about my holiday. 

The happy kitty who greeted me when I got back from Spain on Thursday was actually my birthday present from my parents on my 13th birthday – which puts her at the grand age of 19. She’s in good shape for an old lady – stone cold deaf and a little senile but she still manages to jump on the kitchen counter when there’s food around and then jump down before I have a chance to rescue whatever she’s thieved. 

So it’s been great to see her after so long away, and to spend my birthday back home with friends and colleagues. 

And now that I am home, it’s time to look ahead to what is coming next. If you’ve been a regular reader of my blog you might remember me saying that when I got back to the UK that I had some exciting news to announce. Well on Monday I will be revealing all, so keep a look out for it either via Facebook, Twitter, or this page itself – things are about to get very interesting!

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