Ich Bin Ein Berliner

I first came to Berlin in 2008 with my friend Paul. I’d met Paul about six months earlier at a fetish/sex club called Hard On in London and we hit it off instantly. Paul was a regular visitor to Berlin so when Easter came around he suggested we go to the Berlin Leather Fest (BLF) weekend.

I fell in love with the place. The amazing sex clubs aside, the city has a very enticing vibe… It’s intense and yet relaxed at the same time in that Continental style that parts of Europe manage so well. I don’t know what the American equivalent would be.  But of course the first appeal was the sex clubs. Berlin has many. The area I always stay in, Schoeneberg, is known for it’s leather and skinhead scene – places like Mutschmann’s, Scheune, Tom’s Bar, Prinzknecht… and then over in Friedrichshain there’s Lab.Oratory (mostly known as The Lab – as in, ‘come up to The Lab and see what’s on the slab’)… Lab is one of the best sex clubs I’ve been to. Depending on the night and the month, they cater to every fetish, from watersports, to mud/slime, to scat (those black plastic pools see a lot of action!)

At Easter there is a huge party called Snax held at Lab and Berghain which is the club adjoining it. Think of a huge industrial power station, abandoned, gutted, and turned into a nightclub. That’s Berghain. For Snax, they open the doors that connect the two venues and throw an epic night of music, dance, fuck and fist. My first time there Paul took me to the far corner of the dance floor, stood up on a platform, and pulled me up beside him. He looked me straight in the eyes, held my wrists, and turned me around to face the room. There, in front of me, were a couple thousand men. All in leather or rubber. All dancing, or kissing, or in a few corners, fucking. A huge warehouse pulsing with music, light, and men. And below it, down in the labyrinths, at least another thousand cruising the darkrooms, cabins, terraces and mazes.

Of course, Easter (and the Berlin Folsom party in September) are huge tourist events, pulling in guys from all over Europe and even further. But if you want to relax, and fuck with the local German guys you have to come on a regular weekend. Whether you want a hot muscled tattooed bottom or a tall broad hung skinhead top, (or anything in between) you can find them all on the streets of Berlin.

But like I said – it’s not all about the sex. Berlin is great for shopping too, for sightseeing – the history of the city is fascinating, especially when discovering the wartime history and the rise and fall of the Berlin Wall. 

Spotted all over the city are Buddy Bears – statues of bears decorated in different styles, colours, themes. It’s something of a game to see how many you can find or discover ones you’ve not seen before. I walked past this rainbow bear yesterday near Nollendorfplatz.  

 Everyone I know – gay and straight – who has been to Berlin is in agreement that it is a unique blend of culture, architecture, attitude and vibe. I’m biased of course because I’m first and foremost a sex tourist when I come here and I always without fail have the best sex in Berlin. 

There was a time when I entertained the idea of moving here for six months or a year, getting a bar job or similar, and just enjoying all that the city has to offer. But then I realised I don’t need to. I can come here whenever I want, and deep down inside, I’m already a Berliner 🙂

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