So Sunday night I went to Coffe&Cream, a hot bb poz party in Berlin. I went to see a guy I’ve chatted to for years on Gayromeo, who I recognised from a couple of Wurstfilm videos.

He has a big dick but I spunked a load in him first, then we had a couple of drinks, then he took me over to a leather-covered bench, threw me on my back, and plowed me stupid.

Later on when I was back at my apartment I got chatting to a guy on Scruff who I’d seen at the party. “I was staggered”, he said. “By you turning btm. Maybe it’s just my fantasy and my perspective of things. You were top in Pounded, Bad Influence and Full Tilt. So that’s why I was so staggered. I just know you for being top. That’s why I was in shock. Always imagined you fucking me.”

We chatted for a while, then said good night… half hour later he messaged again, so I told him to throw some rubber gear on and come over to take a load. He had work the next day so couldn’t come over. Damn.

It got me thinking though. I hadn’t thought about it much, but I guess a lot of guys know me as a top. LondonSexParty43I started in porn as a top for Treasure Island in 2008, and it wasn’t until 2011 that I first bottomed on camera (for Chris Tee and Dean Gibb in WAN Film – BB Cumpigs 1, 2 & 3)Β Screen Shot 2014-02-09 at 10.15.59

In some of my earlier blog posts I’ve been dispelling a few myths about what porn is really like. Lifting the curtain, as it were. I hate to shatter ideas, but I know a lot hung ‘total tops’ from porn who love nothing more than getting on their back and getting pounded.

The truth is, I’m actually about 70-30 bottom. I can and DO fuck as a top, but I prefer to top guys when they’re not expecting it, as I get a kick out of defying expectations. Oh, you think I’m a big legs-up Lucy? I’ve got news for you… About 8 inches of news. Thick too. Spit on your hole and get ready.

I digress. Where was I? Oh yeah. Taking cock. I love taking cock. A lot of guys I play with say I have one of those greedy grateful holes with a face to match. I’d love to go bottoming with Christian from Treasure Island, I get compared to him a lot and I’d love to be piggy brothers for a group of filthy hung daddies with him.

So far I’ve shot four scenes this year. Half of them, I’m bottom, and half I’m vers. So – if you only know me as a top, you’re in for a surprise…

I told this guy on Scruff that, and he responded with “Really? You are kidding me? Well. You can write what psychological impact it had on a Dutch fan of yours.”

I feel a bit guilty about it. It’s kind of like telling a kid that there is no Santa Claus, or that the Easter Bunny is made up…

So – how do you know me? Top? Bottom? Don’t care or horrified to find out one way or the other? Let me know!

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