Stormme In A Storm

Last night after I posted I walked back to my hotel (The Empire on 63rd West) and went up to the pool deck for dinner and to watch the sun go down on my final night in America. The food was chicken salad and the view was… amazing.  

    I sat, watched the sun go down, finished my book… In the city that never sleeps it was very peaceful up there. 

Of course nothing stays peaceful for long. This morning I had to get up early and start getting ready for a film shoot downtown in the West Village. Ooh that sounds glamorous! The reality of standing in the shower blearily wishing you could have another two hours sleep is slightly more down to earth and a bit more like the truth ๐Ÿ™‚ 

Once down there though I had a lot of fun. The other guys in the scene with me were both hot sexy fuckers and really nice guys, and the team behind the cameras were equally great to work with. You’ll never see it in the scene but there was an Elvis pinball machine which one of the camera guys leaned on and knocked a button – it shouted “Heyyy beautiful!!!” just as we all kicked our pants off. It’s nice to get encouragement… ๐Ÿ˜‰
We shot for an hour but had to switch the air-conditioning off as it was too loud whilst we were filming. It was HOT and humid today, and three guys fucking under portable lights in a city which is sweltering in 90ยฐ heat get very sweaty very quickly. At one point I looked down to see sweat dripping off my back and the guy behind me like it was piss hitting the floor. 

After the shoot I met with my buddy Tony to drop my bags at his place and grab a shower – walking the streets of Manhattan covered in sweat, lube, Vaseline and somebody else’s spunk, with a boner that won’t go down is one definite way to turn heads…! 

Then Tony took me out for something to eat. I wanted a proper American burger and shake – so that’s what I got. After all that sweating and fucking that burger tasted so good…  

 We started walking along the High Line – the converted rail tracks which are now an elevated garden walkway through downtown when the heat and humidity finally broke and we had a thunderstorm. 

Now – I love a good storm. The more impressive and apocalyptic the better. This one wasn’t quite that dramatic but we still took shelter and waited it out. I heard somewhere (I think it was a line of dialogue in Twister) that if you’re caught in a storm you should grab your ankles and stick your ass in the air because it’s the safest place to get hit. I’d already spent a couple of hours that afternoon grabbing my ankles and sticking my ass in the air so I didn’t wanna do it again in a hurry. The photo has that banding across it cos I grabbed it from the video I shot on my iPhone but it’s a good idea of what it was like ๐Ÿ™‚ 


A quick nap at Tony’s, another shower, and then it was time to head to the airport. 

I’ve had the most amazing time here in the States. I’ve met some really wonderful, funny and kind people, had a lot of fun, shot with some hot guys and great studios, and seen some iconic parts of the world. I’ve loved every single second and I’m really sad to be leaving. 

But the adventure isn’t over! I’m at the boarding gate about to get a flight to Berlin (via a connection in Copenhagen) and then after that it’s on to Barcelona, and then a few days downtime at my parent’s villa down the coast in Spain. And when I get home, the real fun begins. 

So it’s with a sad but happy heart (yes, both!) that I say goodbye to America. In the land where a body-building film star can become Govenor I’m going to steal his catchphrase. “I’ll be back” x 


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