My 1000th Tweet… In San Francisco

Friday night at the movies… I’m in San Francisco – what better to see than a film about the city getting destroyed?! (San Andreas) Ah I know it’s twisted and a little fucked up, but come on – I’m here, to not see it now would be like going to Italy and not eating the pizza.

The film was pretty good – kinda what you’d expect – though I have to be honest it was definitely more impactful sitting in a cinema halfway around the world from home in the city they were destroying.

The next day I did the three ‘S’s of my holiday mornings – Shower, Starbucks, and Sightseeing. Well, I’m in San Francisco so what’s the number one tourist must-do? The Golden Gate Bridge of course. Now – I have a very good sense of direction but apparently I’m not so great at judging distance. When I left the cinema I walked down Van Ness to the bay to tire myself out for bed but didn’t realise how far it was. On Saturday I figured I could just walk to the Golden Gate Bridge from my motel on Market St. It’s no wonder my feet are killing me today. I managed 25km in total.

I made my way to The Palace Of Fine Arts and wandered around the amazing architecture for half an hour then turned a corner by the bay and there it was… One of the most iconic bridges in the world (and I used to live next to Tower Bridge in London so I’m allowed that opinion!)

It’s been a… challenging year for me, having to deal with shithead ex’s and an extremely busy period at work, and to travel to the places I have on this holiday has had real meaning for me. I’m not ashamed to admit when I saw that bridge I may have shed a manly tear or two behind my sunglasses. Or just had something in my eye. Maybe.   I had every intention of going out to The Eagle in my new Mr S Leather gear but by the time I’d gotten back to the room, I fell asleep and woke up at 2am. So – rolled over, and went back to sleep.

Today I decided to not stray so far and so I took a nice stroll down to explore The Castro. There is so much gay history here… From the days of activists like Harvey Milk to the dark days of the AIDS epidemic which decimated the gay community… My generation never had to bury their friends and these days living with HIV is just that: living. But walking these streets it’s easy to imagine a time when that wasn’t the case – on my way to dinner tonight I walked past this memorial to friends lost.

 Tomorrow morning I have a super-early flight back to New York for a quick one-day stopover on my way to Berlin. My time in the States is nearly up – though I’ve still got two and a half weeks before I’m back home. I’m exactly half way through my five weeks away adventuring… So far I’ve loved every second…

I’ve written this post whilst sat eating dinner in a restaurant called The Sausage Factory in the Castro. When I push ‘Publish’ it’s going to also post to Facebook and Twitter, where it will be my 1000th tweet.

It’s taken a hell of a lot to get here. But it’s been worth it x

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