Filming Sex In The City…

I’m back in New York, albeit briefly. A night and a day – right now I’m in Central Park trying to even out my tourist-tan marks (lovely white strap lines over my shoulders where I’ve kept a vest top on whilst out in the sunshine!) then tomorrow I need to get up, get ready, then go downtown for a film shoot. Later in the afternoon I’ve made plans to go see the lovely hot Tony who I met a couple weeks ago. Then around 9-ish I need to haul my ass to the airport and say goodbye to the U.S. part of my trip as I head for a week in Berlin to celebrate Christopher St Day (their gay pride) and then on to Spain. 

I’m looking forward to the shoot tomorrow. It’s the first time I’ve worked with this particular studio although I’ve shot for the company before. Every studio has their own style and way of working, so although the basic end product is a porn film, the process of making it differs with each new company and even with individual directors. Some directors like to direct, some like to take a step back and let things unfold of their own accord. Some use elaborate sets, lighting and certain filming techniques to create a glossy polished looking scene, some just hit ‘Record’ and go for a more naturalistic look. 

As a performer, it’s up to you and the others guys in the scene to try and give the director what they’re looking for. It’s the same with actors – you wouldn’t hire an actor who only does Shakespeare to be in a sitcom set in the Bronx… You need (excuse the pun) versatile guys who can give a different performance based on the project. 

That’s one of the big things a lot of people don’t realise about porn, and one of the more down-to-earth and boring things I tell people when they ask me about it. “Hey what’s it like doing porn? It must be great getting paid to have sex with really hot guys on film!”

Well, it’s work. That’s why you get paid. Which means it’s not about simply enjoying yourself and doing what you want, it’s about giving a performance for the camera that will make the studio money. Sure, the sex with hot guys is far from terrible. But as Super Steve and I were discussing the other day – yeah, we had sex on camera. But that was porn sex. You just do it… Differently. 

You move your hands to positions where they don’t block the camera (eg if you’re fucking doggy-style you don’t want your hands on the bottom’s waist cos the camera can’t see through your wrists to where your cock is). You angle your body to open it up to the camera to better show the area around your waist so you don’t block the view of your cock with your back. You emphasise the fucking with slow, longer thrusts so the camera can see more detail rather than just a blur as you jackhammer someone in to the mattress. You probably vocalise a bit more… 

You have to be hard when you need to be hard. Can’t have five or six people sitting around looking at their watches or their phones whilst you try to get it up. You’ve gotta cum when it’s time (or in some cases, hold back long enough to get a decent length scene – can’t blow in the first 30 seconds!).

The biggest downside is all the friends who say “Oh god I was surfing through porn/at a sex party and one of your videos came on! I can’t watch you have sex you’re like my brother it’s wrong!” 
Anyway – look at me ruining the illusion. I’m sorry. It should be like The Magic Circle – break the Magician’s Code and spill all the secrets and you get kicked out! Bad pornstar!

So I’ll tell you the good bits that people like to hear. Yeah, the sex with hot guys is great. We all watch porn, so getting to fuck a pornstar (even if you’re in the industry yourself) can be a lot of fun. The comments from guys is nearly always a blast – I’ve had some really lovely messages online from guys or been stopped in bars or on the street by guys who want to say hi and I love that – if you ever see me out say hey! 

When I get back to the UK in a few weeks I’m going to be announcing some very exciting news about my work in porn, so I hope you’ll keep following me to find out what it is! 

Thanks for reading! Drop me a reply here :)

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