Seven Miles, Nine Loads And A Letter

After I posted my blog yesterday about my adventures around Universal Studios, I went and checked in to my motel down the road, left my bags there, and decided to take a walk down to Venice Beach.

I asked Siri for directions, and that bitch just said walk straight down Washington Bvd until I reach the ocean. She didn’t say it was four miles to the beach. Luckily I’ve been making myself playlists for each city I’ve been visiting (New York, LA etc) so I had about 90 minutes worth of music to listen to whilst I walked.

I finally made it. Walked a little way along the Venice Beach boardwalk before I couldn’t wait any longer – took off my shoes and socks and scampered down to the ocean to get my feet wet. I’ve never seen the Pacific before – although I grew up near the coast and I visit the beach a lot, that’s Atlantic or Mediterranean water. This is paddling Pacific-style!

Jason Pacific

StormmeAbroad Santa Monica

There’s nothing quite like walking with your feet in the ocean to clear your mind and make you feel closer to Mother Nature. An idea began forming in my head, and by the time I’d walked the three miles up the beach (that’s seven total!) to Santa Monica Pier, I had decided to write a letter to my ex. It’s a nice letter, although I’m afraid of some of the answers to the questions within it. Now I’m just debating whether or not to send it… I’m in a good head-space again after a long while of feeling quite low, which is no doubt why I felt ready to write it… but I don’t know if it’s sensible to reopen any old wounds.

StormmeAbroad Venice Beach

Rob Rodin, Nick Roberts and I had watched a show on Discovery a few nights before about Great White Sharks and they showed footage of their dorsal fins slicing through the water right amongst the wooden pillars holding up Santa Monica Pier, so whilst I was writing my letter with my feet hanging over the side, it felt like a pretty good metaphor for what I was doing. Sure, go swimming. Just be careful you don’t get bit…

I met up with Super Steve at the pier just to say goodbye – he’s such a nice guy. Total porn crush a few months ago, then Nick Roberts does a scene with him for RawAndRough – next thing you know I’m standing on Santa Monica Pier with him thanking him for dinner at his home last night, and comparing ex-boyfriend horror stories… Turns out he had an ex who behaved the same as Mike (my ex) after the split… Sometimes… life is an interesting tapestry of threads.

Steve rescued my poor over-worked feet and drove me back to my motel, and then after a nice hot shower I started to go through some more of the photos and videos I’ve taken in the last week. I took over 250 pictures at Universal so it’s taking a while to sort them all out…

And then I was supposed to have a fuck date set up for my night in Los Angeles. I got chatting to a sleazy hung guy on BBRT about a month ago when I was still back in London and he started collecting spunk in a little freezer bag so he could fuck it all in to me when we hooked up. Whilst I was in San Diego, he asked if I was in to three-ways (uhh…. Hello!?) and then sent me a video of the guy he wanted to set up this threesome with…. Holy fuck. That guy has one of the biggest dicks on a white guy I’ve ever seen.

Sadly… It never happened. My guy from BBRT text me and said “To be honest I’m kinda tired as I had an insane day…I feel I’ll be a lazy fuck…. Damn it. I don’t know. I don’t think I have the energy to fuck a hole.” Well, you know we’ve all been there I guess. But that fucker had nine loads ready to fuck in to me. So sadly, my Los Angeles sleaze-fest fell through and didn’t happen. That’s cool, I’ve had a nice time here regardless.

Now I’m eating breakfast then flying up to San Francisco for the weekend. Come on San Francisco! Don’t let me down!  😉

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