Big Things Are Gonna Get Ya…

So back to Friday…

Nick and I got up super early at 5:30am to get the train out to JFK for the five hour flight to San Diego where we were met by Rob Rodin – first words out of his mouth – “So we’re going to see Jurassic World at 4:30″… Now there’s a lot of things that can make me happy but if you’ve seen my Twitter page then you’ll know that I have been very excited about seeing this film for a while. I was ten when the first Jurassic film hit the big screen and it was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had in a cinema. (It’s up in the top three, along with the blowjob I got from some guy who was at a Prometheus screening a couple years ago)

I’m not gonna write a review, but let me just say – if you’re thinking of going to see it, go see it! I will quite happily say that during the opening fifteen minutes I got a little emotional at the sight of the park – fully realised, (literally) brought to life… as a ten year old who could only dream of what a real Jurassic Park would be like, for the thirty-one year old it was better than I’d ever imagined it.

Of course after the early start in NYC then by late evening on the West coast we were almost ready for bed when Super Steve showed up. Steve was in town from LA to do a shoot with Nick and I, and we were all staying together at the house where we were gonna be shooting. Nick – being a gentleman – took the sofa, so Steve and I got the bed.

Knowing that you’re gonna be doing a porn shoot the next morning is good motivation for not jumping each other as soon as you meet, but let me tell you, when you are trying to get to sleep, with Nick ‘9 3/4′ inches’ on the couch five feet away and Super Steve ’10 inches’ poking me in the back… That’s a lot of cock to ignore…!

Steve snapped this selfie on Saturday morning whilst I was still asleep…

Jason and Super Steve

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