So it’s with a sad sigh that I say farewell to New York City as I pack my bags for the next stage of my adventures. I’m not totally devastated to be leaving as I’m back here in ten days  (for a day and a half) but I’ve lived here for a week and I’ve felt for the most part like a New Yorker… I could certainly picture myself living here.

Yesterday my very good friend Nick Roberts got in to town and so we went for a nice walk down to see the Intrepid and catch up on the last few days, then met with a couple of his friends for dinner, then went to Industry Bar to see the gorgeous Miss Sherry Vine. I’ve been a fan of Sherry for a looong time and this is the second time I’ve seen her perform live. A fantastic show, and a lovely person too – drinks and chat after the show, making everyone feel welcome… I’ve been to similar shows in London where the performer gets off stage and then can barely bring themselves to talk to people in the audience because they can’t wait to get out of there – Sherry is not like that at all. True professional. It’s hard to choose a single video to post a link to so I’m gonna post this one which is kind of like several songs in one – and a good showcase of what she does. If you’re in NYC – go! Industry Bar – Wednesday nights, show at midnight. And you’re welcome 🙂

Nick Roberts, Sherry Vine, Jason StormmeToday Nick and I got up, and went for a long walk through Central Park and put the world to rights, then grabbed the E train down to World Trade Centre. I didn’t do the Memorial this time around – when I was here in 2013 Mike and I went to the fountains and it was an incredibly humbling and moving experience. When I saw Nate Reynolds on Tuesday night he recommended going but I ran out of time.

Instead, Nick very graciously followed me through downtown Manhattan to find the Ghostbusters firehouse on North Moore St, because I’m a child of the 80’s and it’s one of my favourite films. (I’d already been past the church and apartment block on Central Park West where Sigourney Weaver’s character lives, and the Stay Puft marshmallow man gets  neutronised when they cross the streams.) / end moviegeek

Jason Central Park WestJason at GB HQ

Then we walked all the way back up to 30th to meet Nate for his birthday and then walked to 50th to go for drinks and look at hot guys.

Home, quick shower, then we skipped back down to 30th (my feet are killing me!) to meet Tony Bishop for dinner. I’ve chatted to Tony on Twitter and BBRT for a little while, and gotta say – he is handsome, and a really fucking nice guy as well. After we ate Nick went to go meet a friend and Tony and I went for a walk, found a diner and had coffee and cake, and then back to his to check out some YouTube videos and try and plan when we can hang out next. Tony – I love you more than anal beads. Same protocol as last year – ready to order? 😉

And so – at nearly 6am New York time, it’s time to hand back the keys to my New York city apartment, get a train to JFK, and fly to San Diego. Going to see Jurassic World later – I can’t WAIT! – and then talk, plan, and shoot some porn.

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