“Are You Jason Stormme?”

Earlier this morning I stumbled out of the apartment I’m staying in, and across the road in to Starbucks. I was out last night for a few drinks with Nate from Treasure Island and as I don’t drink much or often, I actually woke up with a teensy hangover for the first time in ages.

As I was stood in the coffee shop waiting, a guy comes up to me and says “Are you Jason Stormme?” Now, I should be honest here and tell you that this is probably only the fifth or sixth time in maybe seven years that someone has ever approached me in person to ask that question, so it’s still quite a novel experience. As it turned out, (his name is Andy) we had been messaging on Twitter earlier this week and Andy’s last message to me had said he would keep his eyes peeled and hopefully he would spot me around the city. Judging by Andy’s luck right now, I’d be playing the lottery, betting on sports results – pretty much anything involving luck or chance because the likelihood of us actually meeting in a city this big are pretty small when you think about it.

We chatted for maybe ten, fifteen minutes and then Andy had to get to work and I went to walk off my vodka headache in the sunshine, but it did get me to thinking about the other times I’ve been recognised, and (sorry Andy!) there is a better story than the one I just told you.

It was my friend Chris’s 30th birthday. He’d invited about twenty people out for a meal and we were all sat along one table so the people at either ends of the table never really got a chance to talk. After the meal was over and he’d done cards, presents, cake etc we all got up to leave and as we were all putting our coats on and starting to walk out the door of the restaurant, this woman appears next to me – maybe mid thirties, blonde, pretty.

“Do I know you?” she asks me. I shake my head. “No I don’t think so – I’m one of Chris’s friends. I was sat up by the top of the table.”

“No, I do know you from somewhere,” she replies. “Are you in films?”

The little voice inside my head kind of hiccups at that point, because there was obviously no way this woman would know that I had been in ‘films’ before…

“You are, aren’t you? Are you – oh my god are you Jason Stormme?”

The little voice inside my head just shouts ‘No… freakin’…WAY?!’

“Umm… yeah I am… but how do you know that? Did Chris tell you?” I ask her, whilst she starts waving her hand and looking behind her trying to get someone’s attention.

“No! Oh my god me and my boyfriend watch you! Dave… Dave!!! Look it’s the guy from Bad Influence!”

Her boyfriend comes over – quite a beefy masculine looking fella – and shakes my hand. Meanwhile the voice in my head is now just repeating “This is so surreal! No way. They watch hardcore gay porn together?” over and over in a kind of low mantra.

Which just goes to show – the most unlikely people like to put on and watch gay porn. And you can be anywhere, and bump in to the person you’ve just been masturbating over 🙂

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