After LOVE There Is…

I mentioned a few posts ago about how my first time here in NYC was as part of a Christmas present from my ex ‘Mike’. Mike had a bit of a thing for the ‘LOVE‘ sculpture by Robert Indiana (click it to find out more on the Wiki page… After you’ve finished reading this…)

We had this picture taken on 6th Avenue. I’ve blurred his face to protect his identity, he doesn’t actually look like that.

Well as it turns out, love didn’t mean much to Mike, whilst he was sticking it to half of south London and most of my friends behind my back.

But then today I was walking along 53rd and 7th and I found something kinda wonderful. Something which speaks a lot to me at this time of my life, about what the future holds, about why I shouldn’t be held down by people like Mike and my other ex (who we’ve not discussed yet here but for future reference is simply known as ‘The Italian’ to my friends).

I’m not gonna lie, this is quite a significant picture for me. Just as love can be fantastic, or destructive, so can this. But it’s nice to see there is still some out there…

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