Stormme Abroad…

Today has been my first full day in New York – the first day of a five week holiday. I’ve never taken so much time off work and away from home before, but it’s a much needed get-away as well as a great opportunity to see some parts of the world I’ve not been to before (and have some fun in the process!)

It’s been a rocky 2015, on the back of a rough 2014. The problem? Men – or at least the ones I have relationships with. The solution? Forget relationships for a while, and go on an awesome month long voyage taking in New York, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Berlin, Barcelona, and finally my parents’ place by the coast in Costa Azahar.

Along the way I plan to do a lot of sightseeing, plenty of relaxing, a bit of mending, and some hot guys (both in front of and behind the camera).

New York is one of my favourite cities. I first came here in February 2013 with my ex ‘Mike’. It was a week after a blizzard had blasted the East coast and a few months after Hurricane Sandy had devastated parts of Lower Manhattan. Mike had surprised me with the holiday to New York as my Christmas present and we spent three freezing cold days walking all across the city by day, then collapsing exhausted in to bed by eight each night.

This time around I have an entire week rather than three days, and it’s June rather than February so it’s t-shirt and sunglasses rather than thermals and frostbite. Walking around today though brought back a lot of memories of my last time here – Central Park, Times Square… the usual tourist must-sees. I must have walked miles today; headphones on, coffee in my hand, getting reacquainted with one of the most vibrant and energising places I’ve ever been.

Gonna be a good week 🙂

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